Professional Belt Personalized

90,00 €
Professional Belt Personalized

Ko Italia professional belt is the only belt in Europe, made following the ancient traditional Japanese procedure.

We start production with embroidery of fabric choosed between satin and cotton, in the colour you prefere. Than we create fabric layers, after this, we proceed with manufacture and construction of belt. 

In this way you have the back side of embroidery completly clean. This is the only one original procedure.

You can test it checking if your belt has typical long stitching well visible above the embroidery name or ideogram.

If stitchings are not visible but covered by embroidery, you can verify you will see also the embroidery on the back sice of belt. Thsi is an error and your belt is not original.

Contact  080.5740626 o write at: for more details about colours and embroiderys . 


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